recent work

JENNY LECLUE - TEASER TRAILER  -  Internal project - writing, editing, design, animation, compositing.

Making-Of video

More info on the project and the succesful Kickstarter Campaign.



VILCEK FOUNDATION, THEATRICAL IDENT  -  shot live-action elements, 2D & 3D animation, compositing, some roto



COUNTING CARS - SHOW PACKAGE  - design, animation, modeling, texturing, lighting, compositing



GOOGLE CHROME LOGIN PITCH  - art direction, design, animation, modeling, texturing, lighting, compositing



STYLE NETWORK - NETWORK REBRAND  -  some design & animation for pitch



Happy Halloween! (Phobias)  -  everything - illustration, animation, sound design



ULTIMATE CAR BUILDOFF  -  design, modeling, animation, compositing, art direction



NBC GREEN IS UNIVERSAL  -  design, animation, compositing, art direction



MARY POPPINS TIMES SQUARE  -  design, animation, compositing



BIG BANG  -  design, animation, compositing, art direction



FATHOMS KICKSTARTER  -  personal project

more info on Kickstarter and my blog



GEL CONFERENCE 2011  -  some tracking, roto, animation



FIDELITY GO PRO  -  technical direction, animation, compositing



SAMSUNG GALAXY CAMPAIGN  -  art direction, technical direction, modeling, animation, compositing



KARMA FISKER  -  animation, compositing



iOS MOBILE APPS  - creative direction, design, illustration, animation, programming



AT&T TIMES SQUARE PITCH - creative direction, design



PLANET GREEN ON AIR BRANDING  -  design, animation, art direction



SHOWTIME - FREE PREVIEW  -  animation, edit



FUSE FIRST LOOK  -  animation



T&F HOLIDAY JAM iOS APP  -  animation, creative direction, design, programming



CINEREACH THEATRICAL ID  -  animation, compositing



THORNBERG & FORESTER BRAND ID  -  story concept, art direction, some video



TNT TV EVERYWHERE  -  roto, animation



PROJECT KAISEI  -  modeling, animation, compositing



AICP 2008  -  some compositing and cleanup



THOMSON REUTERS INTERNATIONAL ON AIR REBRAND  -  animation, technical direction



FUSE LOADED  -  concept to delivery: design, animation, compositing, art direction



COOKING CHANNEL AVOCADO  - color correction / grading, rotoscoping
The password is "avocado"



HANNAFORD  -  compositing, 2d animation



FIDELITY VALUE  -  animation, compositing



LPL CONFERENCE BOSTON 2010  -  design, animation, art direction



FIDELTY END TAG  -  design, animation, compositing



JESSIE WATTS  -  compositing



CONSERVATION INTERNATIONAL LOGO  -  animation, compositing



Thornberg & Forester Montage 2011  -  a little bit of everything



CANAL+ REBRAND PITCH  -  animation



AT&T WEB BANNER  -  modeling, character animation, compositing



AT&T WEB BANNER  -  modeling, character animation, compositing



2007 REEL



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